Ruby's story

Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown, a successful leader and entrepreneur,  founded her first company in 2011. Back in Montreal,  after her career modelling in Europe, she decided  to share her passion for perfume and introduced Essence Workshop : an inspiring, interactive workshop where one creates bespoke perfume.

Praised for her work, her olfactive talent  and her individuality, name brands such as Le Cirque du Soleil, Luxury Retreats, Hotels Germain, soon started commissioning Ruby to create their bespoke fragrance. Her flair for opportunity and her entrepreneurial spirit led to the expansion of her company which now houses her eponymous brand.

Ruby offers art de vivre products with an amazing scent ranging from candles to amenities products for hotels. Her dedication to beauty is everywhere and in everything she does.  She’ll tell you herself that at the core of her creative process is  her desire to translate memories and emotions into products and experiences. 

For Ruby Brown, everything is emotion!