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Ruby Brown X Cirque du Soleil

1984 marks the birth of 2 entities: one, a Montreal born child named Ruby who would become an inspiring entrepreneur, the other, Cirque du Soleil, a band of performers rising from the mystical Baie Saint-Paul. Destined to cross paths, Cirque du Soleil and Ruby Brown team up and bring to light a scented candle, hand poured in Baie Saint-Paul, the city that first inspired the Cirque.

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Rudolph, an exclusive candle for Mitsou Boutique!

"Fragrance designer Ruby Brown is one of my best friends. She offered to create an exclusive scented candle for Mitsou Boutique, the Rudolph, just in time for the holiday season. It has just arrived in the shop and I am very proud of it. As I am also very proud of my friend, I'll introduce both to you!"

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Perfume of the month Hiver 18

Printemps 18 is a unisex eau de parfum inspired from the perfect blend of vibrant notes: bergamote, green tea... leaving an irresistible sillage, sure to please both men and women.

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