Like music, perfume is a composition of harmonious notes and chords. Discover your olfactory family below and some of the perfume notes available at the workshop.


Do you like feminine bouquets? The floral family offers a range of possibilities, sometimes powdery, sometimes fresh. Add white flowers like freesia, jasmine, honeysuckle or gardenia to your blend for a more youthful and contemporary perfume.


The combination of dry notes such as tobacco, leather and white musk may be familiar. If not, find yourself indulging in what may be new and tantalizing smells.


You can't beat the citrus family if you're a fan of fresh and lively scents. Eau de cologne, the first genderless fragrance, stems from the citrus family. Orange, grapefruit and bergamot bring pep and vigour to this summery fragrance.


This family offers a range of woody notes, some spicy and some green. Rediscover the classics such as cedar, sandalwood, and rosewood and be captivated by the green tea and after-scent of freshly cut grass.


Exotic and sensual, perfumes from this family come in many variations, some powdery, some hinting at vanilla or chocolate. This olfactory family suggests rich notes of amber, vanilla and precious wood.